The kick-off meeting of the European project “XL project” (Extended Learning for Higher Education teachers and trainers) was held in March, in Brussels, involving 7 European partners.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst, as an accelerator in stimulating teachers to become aware of and use tools to perform remotely all the processes linked to teaching, from the sharing of existing content, to the co-creation of new content, from the construction of lessons/sessions that maintain the participants’ attention to the assessment, and so on.

Any immediate solution, though, is by its very nature temporary and only partially effective and efficient. Strategic and long-term results require a strategy to guide teachers in addressing these challenges. The “Extended Learning for Higher Education teachers and trainers” project
intends to respond to this need by focusing on teacher training in extended learning methodologies and tools, in the belief that their knowledge and use can make students’ learning easier and more effective.

The project site will be available soon!