11 October 2023 | Learning innovation

Milano Digital Week is the largest Italian event dedicated to education, culture and innovation in the digital world promoted by the City of Milan and realised by IAB Italia, Cariplo Factory and Hublab. This year, the driving theme of the proposed events was: The Development of Limits. Participating in an ecological, social, digital transition.

The Politecnico di Milano opened its doors to the public with the AI_Edu Camp, a rich parterre of training events, performances and workshops focused on ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education’. The aim was to promote experts’ reflections and activities with the general public on the constructive uses of artificial intelligence in education and the transformations it will bring on the education system in the coming years.

The initiatives were planned and managed by Politecnico: METID “Innovation Teaching and Learning” in collaboration with the School of Design, the AAA collective (Polimi alumni) and Migarden (APS with Polimi alumni).

In particular, experts from Italian and European contexts took part in a series of workshops dedicated to the transformation of teaching in universities into an AI_based world, and created a collection of “99 istantanee dal futuro” on how AI could transform university teaching in the future. Through a creative group thinking/strategic design approach, the participants conceived, created and synthesised new ideas on teaching and learning.