The new experimental space for learning innovation

Educafé is the new experimental space to test methodologies based on the “active classroom” and to test a fluid and effective integration of physical and digital contents and tools.

The evolution of classroom set-up is one of the key actions necessary to support learning innovation processes.

The main goal of this evolution is to create learning spaces (classrooms and study spaces) that facilitate the implementation of active teaching methods and allow an integrated use of sources and tools of various kinds.

The action axes mainly concern two dimensions:

  • technological supports: for an easy sharing and a multi-content collaborative construction;
  • furnitures: to maximize the possibilities of classrooms reconfiguration.


Frontal set-up

Set designed for an integrated sharing of multiple sources (analog and digital sources) to optimize frontal teaching processes and to encourage their evolution towards active class dynamics.

The wall is equipped with an integrated system of physical and digital boards that foster the creation and use of multiple contents. The system is integrated so that the contents can also be shared by students.



Collaborative set-up

Set designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of contents and support the dynamics of active class collaborative activities.

The wall is equipped with interactive whiteboards for the rapid construction
and sharing of contents and movable furnitures to reorganize the space in an easy and dynamic way.