Faculty development


for the faculty development

METID supports teachers in learning innovation processes
through an ecosystem of formal and informal resources.
The ecosystem intersects consultancy activities in the design phase and monitoring activities of innovative teaching actions within curricular courses.

METID also organizes moments of confrontation with the outside world through international seminars and moments dedicated to structured training
with an active class dimension.


MOOCs for teachers training

You can find a series of online courses dedicated to teacher training on the MOOCs portal of the Politecnico di Milano (POK-Polimi Open Knowledge): Progettare l’Innovazione Didattica, To Flip or not to Flip, Open Educational Resources, Active Learning, New Assessment Strategy, Action Learning for Inclusions, Universities strategies for the Digital Age.


new learning strategies

Training courses dedicated to the Polimi faculty on “Practical approaches to learning innovation”. The training courses are offered in the form of workshops mixing frontal lessons, plenary discussions, peer learning, application exercises (individually and in small groups).


Learning Innovation community

EDUTONIC was born due to the rising of many interesting experiments at the Politecnico di Milano. It gives the name to a series of informal events in which teachers share their ideas and experiences of learning innovation.
EDUTONIC is also a newsletter with many interesting ideas collected in a blog.