Edugame Project aims at developing a Role Play Game to engage the students, to improve their analytical and decision making skills, to let them change views or attitudes toward issues or people, and empathy toward others.

The subject of the game is the process in which the protection of historical objects takes place. This process is characterised by a conflict because the participants (stakeholders of historic building protection process) can have different and even conflicting goals

Participating in the Role Play, students will assume the roles of owners of historic building, users of historic site, heritage conservators, local community, tourists, authorities of various levels.

Game scenario will assume and describe the reality, reflecting the complexity of the real process in which the protection of historical object takes place. Thanks to this the participants can familiarize with the characteristics of roles (powers, competences, needs) of particular stakeholders, realise the real conditions of the activity of an architect and be aware of the skills they need.