IDEAL is an Erasmus + project (2019-2022).

The main purpose of the IDEAL project lies in the context of Doctoral Education in Europe: Doctoral education needs to adapt to the ongoing evolution of research careers and the increasing diversity of the society and employers’ needs.

The project consists in designing and providing high-level training to address the challenges faced by European researchers: being better prepared to face the growing complexity of their jobs and increasing the economic & societal impact of their work and questioning the relevance of their research activities, while renewing the attractiveness of Doctoral Education for new generations of talents.

The project will produce a MOOC of the course with a blended learning setting because it is important to explore the potential of digital resources to enhance doctoral training. On the other hand, part of the courses will also be delivered so that Doctoral candidates will have the possibility to actually meet and work in person.

In addition to the Politecnico di Milano (represented by METID and the PhD School), the partnership is composed by: Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Mines De Paris (France), Institut Mines Telecom Telecom Paris Tech (France), Ecole Nationale Superieure D’arts Et Metiers (France), Ecole Nationale Superieure De Techniques Avancees (France), Institut Des Sciences Et Industries Du Vivant Et De L’environnement Agro Paris Tech (France), Universidad Politecnica De Madrid (Spain), Istanbul Teknik Universitesi (Turkey), Universidade De Lisboa (Portugal), Ecole Nationale Superieure De Chimie De Paris (France).