9 December 2021 | International projects

Although the fields of computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world, the truth is that girls and women are still underrepresented in these fields. Thus, we expect the MOOC “Machine learning, Maths & Ethics” to be a meaningful learning opportunity to empower young people, especially young women to follow these areas of expertise. You can find several interviews throughout the course with female experts, students and professionals, researching and working in those fields.

The MOOC “Machine learning, Maths & Ethics: Hands-on” is an hands-on course that teaches you about the foundations of Machine Learning in an intuitive way.

With a heavy focus on exercises and examples, this course allows you to develop practical machine learning skills, while stimulating your critical thinking on the ethics of machine learning models. This course was developed within the Erasmus+ FOSTWOM project and hosted on MOOC Técnico.

Course start date: 1st December 2021