11 March 2019 | MOOCs

Today starts on POK the second one of our new Series of Sprint MOOCs addressing the Next Production Revolution (NPR) paradigma, as a new wave of technological innovation with disruptive implications in production processes, society and environmental concerns.

The MOOC “Technology clusters for the Next Production Revolution in Africa”, is focused on two main clusters of the Next Production Revolution paradigma.

  • The first one is additive manufacturing, that is also popularly reknown as 3D printing, and refers to any process where digital 3D design data is used to build up a component by adding the material layer by layer.
  • The second one is smart agriculture, defined as an integrated farm management framework that constitutes a holistic management approach aiming to optimize the yield per unit of farming land.

It addresses people from anywhere in the world, from industrialized economies as well as from “developing countries” and particularly from Africa.

This Series of Sprint MOOC is one of the main results of the EMERGING AFRICAN INNOVATION LEADERS Program (G7 exchange & empowerment program for enabling innovation within the next production revolution).

More info about “Emerging African Innovation Leaders” at community.africainlead.net.

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