17 July 2014 | MOOCs

For many years Politecnico di Milano has allowed faculty members and technical administrative staff to fulfill the training obligations related to work safety thanks to an online course, personalized on the specific academic environment.
The work safety course that, for the quality content and the innovative mix of e-learning formats (interactive modules, video simulations, “talk show” format for the for the additional legislative questions) at the moment of his first publication was granted the INAIL award for training, was recently expanded with additional content modules (RADRL course – Responsabile della Attività Didattiche e di Ricerca nei Laboratori, Responsible of the Educational Activities and Labs research) and with the English version of the basic course.

In the last few months the course opened up to students as well and in the last few days the forty-thousandth user received his certificate to state the achievement of the course.