2 April 2019 | MOOCs

A new MOOC on POK devoted to Next Production Revolution: “Enabling infrastructure in Africa for the Next Production Revolution”.

This MOOC describes enabling infrastructures for the Next Production Revolution. New infrastructure development cannot retrace old paradigms that are inappropriate from a variety of perspectives including environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The course addresses emerging digital infrastructure including communication networks and technical requirements for NPR applications. Furthermore, it focuses on green infrastructures including the field of energy with distributed renewable energy power sources and the transport sector with greener solutions in both transportation of people and goods.

It addresses people from anywhere in the world, from industrialized economies as well as from “developing countries” and particularly from Africa.

This Series of Sprint MOOC is one of the main results of the EMERGING AFRICAN INNOVATION LEADERS Program (G7 exchange & empowerment program for enabling innovation within the next production revolution). Enroll now!