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Daniele Albricci

Visual Designer, creates and develops innovative video formats for web based education

Bruno Aliprandi

Senior System Engineer, creates and integrates web platforms of IT systems

Valeria Baldoni

Content Manager, focuses on digital communication, content curation and creation of infographics and e-learning materials

Valeria Baudo

Community Manager, focuses on content curation, activation and monitoring of online communities

Giorgio Bordiga

Communication Designer, creates e-learning materials for web-based education, specialized in art direction, video making and web design

Daniela Casiraghi

Project Manager, specialized in interaction design and social strategy

Francesca Concia

Project Manager, focuses on e-learning projects, knowledge sharing and quality assurance both nationally and internationally

Paola Corti

Project Manager, manages innovative education projects and e-collaboration both nationally and internationally

Gabriele Cristini

E-learning and E-collaboration Platforms Expert, focuses on configuration, customization and customer care of online learning environments

Chiara Di Terlizzi

Web and Interaction Designer, designs and creates websites and customizes e-learning platforms

Gianfranco Elia

Multimedia and Web Application Expert, focuses on webconferences platforms and customer care online learning environments

Ada Giannatelli

Project Manager, focuses on digital educational services and in the dissemination of project results

Gabriele Giussani

Visual Designer, creates e-learning materials, specialized in developing video formats and art direction

Tiziana Longeri

Multimedia Editor, focuses on projects planning and content production of e-learning contents in innovative formats

Pierangela Manazza

Administrative Manager,
coordinates the financial statements activities of funded projects

Davide Mezzera

Software Developer, focuses on projecting, implementation and management of learning management systems

Franca Molaro

Administrative Assistant, supports the team with any sort of administrative process

Lia Navarotto

Community Manager and technical assistant for both international and italian networks

Sandra Paggetti

Multimedia Editor, specialized in the production of interactive learning materials

Andrea Parisi

Visual e Production Designer,
focuses on graphic interfaces and multimedia projects; specialized in Art Direction, post-production and 3D

Ruggero Pucci

Multimedia Editor, specialized in the production of e-learning materials

Bianca Santolini

Content Manager, focuses on content curation and production of e-learning materials

Luca Tantimonaco

Communication Designer, creates e-learning materials and is specialized in production of graphic and audio-visual products

Alessandra Tomasini

Project Manager, manages European projects on innovative education and creation of transnational networks

Nicoletta Trentinaglia

Project Manager, manages e-learning projects, e-collaboration and knowledge sharing both nationally and internationally

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