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Introduction to Industrial Property: patents, designs, trademarks

Did you invent a new medical disposal e you’d like to patent it avoiding third parties could reproduce it without your approval? Would you like to collaborate with a company for producing a design chair you’ve just designed? The “Introduction to Industrial Property: patents, designs, trademarks” MOOC, available in POK, was realized in order to…

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“Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching”

A new MOOC on POK: “Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching”. From September 26th to November 23rd is online on POK the new MOOC of the MOOCs for Teachers series, which is devoted to didactical innovation: “Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching”. Open Educational Resources are the result of a different approach to education: the…

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“Archeoastronomy”, the science of stars and stones on POK

Archaeoastronomy is the “science of stars and stones”: it studies the relationships between the ancient monuments and the sky, in order to gain a better understanding of the ideas of the architects of the past and of their religious and symbolic world. During the course, you can visit many spectacular ancient sites – such as…

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eLene4work:</br>Learning to learn for new digital soft skills for employability

METID Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano collaborate in European project eLene4work funded under Erasmus + Programme. The project will help students develop the soft skills required by companies and will help companies exploit the digital talents of new employers and young workers. In which way? Through the use of Open Educational Resources…

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A new MOOC on POK: “The strange paradox of the world energy question”

A more equitable, green and fair asset in the energy use is still a challenge for the whole humankind. This “energy transition” is not an end in itself but rather a means to achieve human prosperity: people are at the heart of this transition. Let’s explore this crucial topic in the new MOOC on Polimi…

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Polisocial Award: </br>presentation of results of the previous PoliSocial Award editions (2012-13 and 2013-14)

PoliSocial Programme of Politecnico di Milano is proud to announce the presentation of the 16 award-winning projects on May 5th, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, great hall of Politecnico di Milano. The PoliSocial Award competition is funded with 5X1000 IRPEF destined to Politecnico di Milano. PoliSocial Award fosters scientific research with high social impact,…

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Enrol in MOOC Step by Step and create your own one on ECO platform

On ECO, the project that aims at creating a pan-European MOOC Hub, a completely new edition of “sMOOC Step by Step” will be launched on March the 7th. It will offer new activities in order to learn how to design and develop your own social MOOC, based on interaction, discussion, collaboration among participants. This course…

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POK: more than 1.400 participants to “To Flip Or Not To Flip” MOOC

In few days more than 1.400 people subscribed to the new MOOC of Politecnico di Milano “To Flip Or Not To Flip – Discover the flipped classroom methodology”, the first of the series “For Teachers” devoted to the exchange between professors from different backgrounds about new interesting didactic methodologies discussed at world level. The MOOC…

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SET4Food: online the French and Spanish editions of the course

At the beginning of the current year, the French and Spanish editions of the course “Appropriate energy technologies for food utilization in camps and informal settlements: overview, selection criteria and pilot case studies” are also available on line. Therefore more humanitarian actors will have the opportunity to access to the on line contents aimed at…

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Two new MOOCs now available on Polimi Open Knowledge

Two brand-new online courses now available on Polimi Open Knowledge: 1 – “BetOnMath for Citizens” (in Italian): uncover gambling pitfalls by understanding the math concepts behind them…all explained simply and intuitively (teachers: Chiara Andrà, Domenico Brunetto, Nicola Parolini, Marco Verani) 2 – “Introduction to history of contemporary architecture” (in Italian): a journey to discover the…

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