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Strategy is not only a key concept in business and management field, but it also plays an important role in our daily lives: every time we make a decision, we may be taking on the role of strategic decision maker. The aim of the MOOC is to discuss how decision makers can formulate strategies that…

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Share Food Cut Waste

After learning the keywords of food sharing and food waste reduction, you will find out how surplus food arises and how unsold or unserved food can still be put at good use, through re-use and re-distribution processes. You will also understand the criteria and operational processes that support an efficient and socially-oriented management of surplus…

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A new MOOC “For Teachers” starting on September 13 on POK: Engaging Students in Active Learning

Engaging Students in Active Learning is addressed mainly to teachers who want to improve their effective support to students. It is also addressed to the ones who already engage students in their lessons, but still want to re-think about it and enhance even further the results of this collaboration. The collaboration between all the subjects…

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Benvenuti in Italia! Orientarsi con l’italiano

“Benvenuti in Italia! Orientarsi con l’italiano” is a new MOOC entirely in english available on POK starting from May, 22nd. This course, stemming from the European project e-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures And Languages), will guide you into the discovery of Italian language and culture. The course is organised in 8 main units, plus an…

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Finance for all

“Finance for all”, a new MOOC of the series “for citizens”, is starting today! The course is entirely in italian and it is going to be available online from the 18th of May to the 13th of July. Nowadays finance has become a big part of our lives. Opening a bank account, deciding how to…

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D-TRANSFORM: University Strategies in the Digital Age

On May, 15th is going to start the first edition of the MOOC: “D-TRANSFORM: University Strategies in the Digital Age”. This course is an output of the D-TRANSFORM Erasmus+ project and is aimed at raising awareness of digital resources, and especially OER and MOOCs, as a strategic factor for university transformation. Discover how digital resources…

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Embracing Diversity

“Embracing Diversity”is the new MOOC of Polimi Open Knowledge (POK) which explores gender and sexual diversity as drive of innovation and creativity. The MOOC analyses gender stereotypes and proposes inclusion models in academic, social and corporate environments for women and LGBT people, including also the experience of Valore D and PARKS associations. This course is…

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“Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching” winner of OER & Project Awards for Open Education Excellence 2017

The Open Education Consortium announces the 2017 winners of OER & Project Awards for Open Education Excellence. The winner, for MOOC category, is our “Using Open Educational Resources in Teaching”. On Thursday, March 9 it is awarded in the context of the Open Education Global Conference (Cape Town, South Africa). METID attended the event to…

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Sustainable building design for tropical climates: principles and guidelines for EAC

Sustainable building design for tropical climates: principles and guidelines for EAC is addressed to building’s designers, from architecture students to practitioners. It is aimed to enable them to plan and build tropical green buildings, providing a climate responsive building design methodology, supported by practical design tools and tailored on East African Community climates. Sustainable architecture…

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Entrepreneurs without borders

A new MOOC will be lauched on December 5th: it addresses young people from all over the world who want to learn about new business development. The course is a joint initiative with UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The program hosts 8 experts of entrepreneurship (form Polimi and UNCTAD): they introduce…

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