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Case Study Methodology

Just started the first edition of “Case Study Methodology” MOOC. This course illustrates and describes the case study methodology to conduct qualitative empirical research aimed at crafting a Thesis, Dissertation, Scientific Article or Research Project. This course aims at providing students and participants with the theoretical and practical information and guidelines to: Become knowledgeable about…

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Introducing Metadesign

The first edition of “Introducing Metadesign” MOOC, developed by the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, is online. Metadesign is a concept related to the complexity of the design process. It is a set of theoretical and practical tools helping designers in framing the problems and the questions in the overall design process. Enroll…

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Designing and implementing effective entrepreneurship policies

The course gathers leading experts from Polimi and UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) to describe and analyse the rationales, modalities, monitoring and evaluation of entrepreneurship policies. It is targeted to policy makers, policy influencers, public servants and administrative officials who at various levels are interested in entrepreneurship dynamics and are responsible…

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eLene4Life Erasmus+ project

eLene4Life, a project presented in the last call of Erasmus+ programme, has received public funding and will start in September 2018. It will focus on the development of transversal skills, applying active learning as the main teaching and learning approach and taking into consideration the constraints which are typical of higher education context (high number…

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Action Learning for Inclusion

The MOOC Action Learning for Inclusion. Architecture and planning education with marginalised communities is online on PoliMi Open Knowledge. It has been developed within the framework of the Designing inclusion project, reflecting on how Action Learning approach can be applied to teaching initiatives, especially focusing on inclusion of vulnerable communities. The course, designed in the…

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The purpose of this course, part of the Introduction to Management Engineering series, is to provide the student with the theoretical framework and the basic tools needed to understand and to give a critical assessment of the behavior of economic agents (consumers, producers, institutions) in a market economy, both in a microeconomic and in a…

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Organization is the title of a new MOOC available on POK ( This course is part of the Introduction to Management Engineering series and introduces the key theories, concepts, models and approaches related to organizational design, business process management and decision making process management, with a strong practical orientation: illustration of typical organizational problems through…

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New Assessment Strategies

This MOOC is entitled “New Assessment Strategies”, because it focuses on new ways to perform assessment, focusing on learning and not only on its measurement. It is part of the “MOOCs for Teachers” series and according to the series’ style, it talks mainly to teachers who want to improve their effective support to students. It…

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“Personal risk reduction in insecure contexts”: a new MOOC on POK

Every day education, research and academic cooperation move around the world thousands of students, researchers, professors and staff to a variety of destinations and for a variety of purposes. This course suggests guidance, tools and resources to organize a travel in potentially insecure contexts. The aim is to raise awareness about personal safety and security…

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Tomorrow’s land: Multiplier event to present the first output

On November 23rd, the Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ project Tomorrow’s Land has been held at Impact HUB Milano. The project aims to develop a learning path for the next generation of social innovators. We met curious trainers and social innovators willing to explore new horizons. They travelled together with us through the Tomorrow’s Land Map and they…

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