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Embracing the Next Production Revolution for a new Africa Narrative

We are happy to announce the launch of a new MOOC starting soon on POK: “Embracing the Next Production Revolution for a new Africa Narrative”. The course is part of a series of Sprint MOOCs addressing the Next production Revolution (NPR) paradigma, as a new wave of technological innovation with disruptive implications in production processes,…

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FPGA computing systems: Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration

Just started on POK the new MOOC “FPGA computing systems: Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration”. This course is part of the series “Introduction to FPGA systems” that introduces students to the concept of Reconfigurable FPGA-based Systems, by discussing their overall architecture and companion design flows. The course will introduce the student with the concept of reconfigurability in…

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FPGA computing systems

Just started on POK the new MOOC “FPGA computing systems: A Bird’s Eye View on Reconfigurable Computing”. This course is for anyone passionate in learning how a hardware component can be adapted at runtime to better respond to users/environment needs. This adaptation can be provided by the designers, or it can be an embedded characteristic…

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Fundamentals of Operations

Just started on POK the first edition of this new MOOC “Fundamentals of Operations”, last release of our “Introduction to Management Engineering” series. This course will address the description and the classification of production and logistics systems, the methodologies and the indicators for measuring both their internal and external performances, and the techniques to conduct…

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#eLene4Life Kick-off meeting

eLene network celebrates its 15th birthday in these days! And what better way to do that than starting a new project? “eLene4Life” kick-off meeting took place in Milan on 6th and 7th of November. The project, funded by European Union, aims to develop student’s soft skills through active learning in large classroom in Higher education…

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Embracing Diversity Special Edition

Just started and available until the middle of January 2019 a new, enriched version of Embracing Diversity MOOC. This special edition has been enriched with contents on gender and STEM. The realization of these additional videos and materials has been funded with the support from T.I.M.E. Association in the framework of D-STEM Project. The universities…

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Laboratorio di Matematica per Architettura

The first edition of the MOOC “Laboratorio di Matematica per Architettura” is online. The course aims at presenting some applications of mathematical topics included in the first year of an academic course of Architecture, supporting the understanding of the implementation of basic exercises. Enroll on POK – Polimi Open Knowledge

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Survey Research Methodology

The first edition of the new MOOC Survey Research Methodology has just started and it will last until January 2019. The course aims at providing Master Students, who are in the process of preparing their Master Thesis, with the basic knowledge about survey research methodology, which is a very popular and valuable method for collecting…

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Case Study Methodology

Just started the first edition of “Case Study Methodology” MOOC. This course illustrates and describes the case study methodology to conduct qualitative empirical research aimed at crafting a Thesis, Dissertation, Scientific Article or Research Project. This course aims at providing students and participants with the theoretical and practical information and guidelines to: Become knowledgeable about…

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Introducing Metadesign

The first edition of “Introducing Metadesign” MOOC, developed by the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, is online. Metadesign is a concept related to the complexity of the design process. It is a set of theoretical and practical tools helping designers in framing the problems and the questions in the overall design process. Enroll…

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